Baccarat Casino Equipment

Photo of i-Score display for Baccarat

i-SCORE™ PLUS 24″ double-sided Baccarat display offers industry leading graphics and animations, making it even easier to attract players, while displaying game round results and trends.

Safe-Shoe for Baccarat

Safe-Shoe prevents dealer errors by eliminating the possibility to overdraw or under draw cards. Compact sized with remote touch-screen display and instant delivery of Baccarat game results to i-SCORE™ PLUS display.

Photo of i-Shoe for Baccarat

i-SHOE™ AUTO automatically delivers single card to the front, removing common dealing errors. By reading rank and suit, it delivers Baccarat game results to touchscreen interface and i-SCORE™ display.

MD3 batch shuffer for Baccarat

MD3® counts, verifies and shuffles batches up to eight decks of cards quickly and quietly, alerting the dealer
of missing, added or swapped cards.

Card shredder for casino blackjack playing cards

The powerful casino CARD SHREDDER destroys 20 decks per minute, ensuring all used cards are thoroughly disposed of while saving valuable hours in the process.